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Limited Time Offer - Online Family Martial Arts Training

First month only £5 - then £29 per month after

Virtual Dojo Access

Family Household Membership
£ 5 Monthly
  • Pre-Recorded Classes
  • Syllabus Video Library
  • Live Training
  • Dojo Community

Your whole family can access our digital dojo for one price!
Join today and get access to:

Video Training Library

Brush up on your skills anytime with our extensive library of pre-recorded training videos

LIVE training

Join us at our regular LIVE classes hosted on Zoom - join in with your webcam and we can help you perfect your technique.

One to one training

We will give you the personal training you need to learn this new skill at home.

Join our online Dojo Community

Lets us know how awesome your online training is going and keep up to date with all our club news.